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Saved By Love


For those of you who have been following my series, Saved by Love, book #5 is finally here.  Who doesn't love a sexy seal, or a man in uniform; maybe a man out of uniform.  My newsletter was sent on 10/31/18, but many of you on my mailing list did not get it; technology really does fail sometimes.  If you would like to be kept up to date on the next release, Redemption book #6, please email me at, and I will add you to my list of favorites.  


*the action of betraying a person, ones country,

or group; treachery

Case McCormick finally discovers the one thing that helps take away his nightmares; erotic-dreams starring his perfect angel. 
Unfortunately, the object of his affection is a victim in a human trafficking ring located in Russia. 

Anya has been thrust into her worst nightmare, but her knight in shining armor is not who she thinks he is.
Will Case's betrayal ruin her ideas for the future, or will Anya's betrayal be more than Case can forgive? 

Will his past danger come too close to home, forcing Case's protective nature into action?